Ren & Sam

Ren and Sam decided to throw the festivities in Gloucester, Mass.  The couple have been together for over 8 years and the bond they have, not only between each other but with their community  that they have built together is so powerful.

I got to bring my 12 year old labrador Stella, she swam with the boys all weekend, she ate BBQ chicken behind my back.

Ren and Sam's relationships are what you read in books, it's in the movies you watch on Sunday nights, it's the thing you think isn't really real, It's what you hope for when you get your heart broken.  Perhaps they thought that everyone was there for them and it's true but in the end, it is them who have inspired each and everyone of their guest to keep on growing into a better person, a better lover, a better friend. Thank you kids... 

-Sid xo


June 11th.